With all medication questions, legally we have to cover ourselves and put a disclaimer to say check with your doctor if you aren’t sure as we can’t provide advice around medication. 

Advanced Turmeric is a completely natural food supplement but it seems that some doctors advise not to take with Warfarin, or if you have gallstones.  

With acid suppressants (including Omeprazole and Lansoprazole) the advice is mixed - we have many customers use it without issues but some doctors say not to. 

Otherwise, they don’t appear to advise against it and it can actually be really beneficial in most cases, but we always advise to check with your doctor first.  

There seem to be a lot of myths online about other meds it shouldn't be used with such as statins, blood pressure tablets, aspirin (and other blood thinners), and throxine, or once someone has has their gallbladder removed.  In our experience that’s not the case, and most doctors, when customers have asked, have been completely fine with those being used along with turmeric. However, we will reiterate, check with your own doctor on all of these as we aren’t allowed to advise.


If you need anything else the answer may be on this page but of course just get in touch if you have any questions that aren't covered here https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/pages/advanced-turmeric-faq  

In instances where Advanced Turmeric cant be used for whatever reason then our Multivitamin https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/pages/advanced-multi and / or probiotics https://autoimmuneinstitute.com/pages/advanced-flora can often be great alternatives (again, check with doctor first).