The turmeric supplements they sell in most well known high street stores are normally significantly different to Advanced Turmeric, in terms of quality, effectiveness and value for money.

Firstly ours contains 500mg per capsule whereas normally, most others are 400mg.  Sometimes brands will deliberately mislabel their product, and make crazy claims, saying its the equivalent of 10,000mg per capsule, but that's just not possible as the capsule would be huge.   

Secondly, Advanced Turmeric is mixed with "Bioperine" - a natural black pepper extract which studies have shown improves the absorption and effectiveness by 20 times (on its own turmeric isn't well absorbed into the body). 

"Bioperine" is vastly superior to just mixing turmeric with black pepper.  The effects taking with normal black pepper are actually very limited. It takes time for the beneficial properties of normal black pepper to be extracted by the body. To help absorption of the turmeric, the piperine/Bioperine (the beneficial element in black pepper) needs to be instantly available to the body - at the same time the turmeric is consumed. That just doesn’t happen with normal black pepper meaning the turmeric passes through the system without being absorbed. What’s more, even if it did work and was instantly available, you'd need to take quite a lot of black pepper for it to be effective.  Studies have shown that it’s the Bioperine specifically that improves absorption of the turmeric by 20 times.

Taking normal turmeric may have some mild benefit if taken with food, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as high as our Advanced Turmeric provides, and may potentially cause issues if you reacted to any of the toxins in the non-organic turmeric. What's more, you would need to take a LOT (an unrealistic amount, at least 20 times the dose of Advanced Turmeric) for it to be as effective because it doesn't contain the Bioperine and so isn't absorbed well at all. 

Finally, Advanced Turmeric is manufactured in the UK to the highest possibly quality standards and safety checks.

Of course, we're biased, but we consider Advanced Turmeric to be vastly superior to almost all other turmeric supplements.

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