The effects of taking turmeric with normal black pepper are actually very limited. It takes time for the beneficial properties of normal black pepper to be extracted by the body. To help absorption of the turmeric, the piperine / Bioperine (the beneficial element in black pepper which is found in Advanced Turmeric) needs to be instantly available to the body (at the same time the turmeric is consumed). That just doesn’t happen with normal black pepper meaning the turmeric passes through the system without being absorbed. 

What’s more, even if it did work and was instantly available, you'd need to take quite a lot of black pepper for it to be effective.  Studies have shown that it’s the Bioperine specifically that improves absorption of the turmeric by 20 times.

Finally, there's also the fact that taking in capsule form is much more convenient. Most people don’t want to add turmeric to a couple of meals EVERY day (as its best to spread the dose), so the capsules make it very easy to meet the daily requirement for maximum benefit.

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